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Joystick OM200 series


  • Desc:Joystick OM200 series

    .Model: OM200 series

    Description: 2-Axis Potentiometer Joystick

    Resistance: 5KΩ,10KΩ

    Resistance Tolerance: ±5%

    X and Y Axis Rotational Angle: ±25°-30°

    Lever return: With Auto spring return

    Insulation Resistance: 50 MΩ@500 VDC, 60 sec.

    Operating Torque: X and Y Axis 440gf

    Life expectancy: 500,000times

    Operating temperature: -10 to 80 degree Celsius

    Dust Cap: With “B” type Dust Cap.

    It Also can be with “A” type dust cap, Pls find OM200A for detail.

    Resistance choose according to the catalgoue instruction.

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